Pommersche Kroepfer

Peter Koch
Meine Pokale und Auszeichnungen

My greatest successes with
Pommersche Kroepfer ...

During my life as a pigeon breeder, I achieved the following successes among others:

National Champion at BDRG 2010
German Champion (Erfurt) 2010
European champion (Leipzig) 2006
German Champion (Nuremberg) 2006
Meine Pokale und Auszeichnungen

Hessian Champion (Frankfurt/M.) 2010
Hessian Champion (Alsfeld) 2008
Champion of Special Association at plain colour (Aschersleben) 2008 Meine Pokale und Auszeichnungen

more successes ...

60 Bands, thereof 2 Blue Bands as well as several VDT-Bands, Winner Bands, Hessian Bands, Medals of Honour and National Medals. Further to those goblets and badges I gained an “excellent” for 165 times and some 300 times “superb”