Pommersche Kroepfer

Peter Koch
Meine Pokale und Auszeichnungen

My greatest successes with
Pommersche Kroepfer ...

During my life as a pigeon breeder, I achieved the following successes among others:

Hessian Champion (Alsfeld) 2017
German Champion at Ulm 2014 (white)
National Champion at BDRG 2010
German Champion (Erfurt) 2010
German Champion (Leipzig) VDT-Schau 2015 (blue heart)
German Champion (Kassel), VDT-Schau 2018
European champion (Leipzig) 2006
German Champion (Nuremberg) 2006
Meine Pokale und Auszeichnungen

German Champion of SV at Straßkirchen 2014 (young pigeon)
German Champion of SV 2015 Berlin (couples)
Hessian Champion (Frankfurt/M.) 2010
Hessian Champion (Alsfeld) 2008
Hessian Champion 2015 LV-Schau Riedstadt/Erfelden
German Champion of SV Aschersleben 2008 (adult animals) Meine Pokale und Auszeichnungen

more successes ...

95 Bands, thereof 2 Blue Bands as well as several VDT-Bands, Winner Bands, Hessian Bands, Medals of Honour and National Medals. Further to those goblets and badges I gained an “excellent” for 195 times and some 400 times “superb”